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As I look at our world today, I wonder what is going on? There are floods, tornadoes droughts. People look for leadership but where? We certainly can't look up to elected officials because they only care about votes and will say anything to get them.

Why do people exhaust every other possibility before they turn to God? Can't they see that nothing or no-one else will make sense? It's a good thing God doesn't hold a grudge or else He would be asking "Why didn't you check with Me first?" There are some very evil people in this world and what they are doing is obviously evil to anyone. How about the rest of us? Do we do anything that helps our world or do we only help ourselves.
Bob Lawler

(Originally posted in Western Itasca Review, Deer River, Mn. 08/06/14 Open Forum)
Reader Asks Questions
Dear Editor,

I am a resident of the Bigfork Valley hospital district. As residents, what are we supposed to do? We have Board members who are supposed to be representing us, apparently they haven't been. Sure they can tell all their friends "I am a board member".

It's hard to tell the rumors from reality in a small town. I do know they paid one of the contractors for the use of their tools and as bad as that sounds, what if they actually bought them after they paid rent on them? On the current project, (the Memory Care Facility) I sent the following questions to a district-wide board member:

1. Was there an architect on the new Memory Care Unit and did they post a performance bond. If so, why didn't they anticipate the parking lot lighting and why didn't they anticipate soundproofing.

2. Why are the change orders required and why does the hospital district have to pay for them. Who's culpable? Is it the board? Is it the CEO? Or is it the architect or builder (contractor)?

3. Did the CEO of Bigfork Valley take on a new job and keep his salary at Bigfork Valley?

I am still waiting for answers. I no longer have the time or the physical ability to be on the board or I would run for a position. Now I have to do like everybody else and pray that the people who are elected are doing their jobs, in my opinion, they certainly haven't been up to this point.

There are add orders that are up for approval and now is the time for elections and for the current board, to answer for their actions, or lack thereof.

If a medical facility can't make it in Bigfork, it probably can't make it anywhere. There are a lot of senior citizens and Bigfork has a lot of grants. Now there's talk about getting grants for a swimming pool that we would have to maintain forever. Maybe the facility needs to fail to put things in perspective, i.e. what is really important to the people of Bigfork, and what is a pipe dream.

Bob Lawler