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MN DNR: I Can Program - 04/18/14

MN DNR Update - 04/10/14

MN DNR: Fire Prevention Week - 04/10/14

Dayton: Minimum Wage Increased - 04/16/14

Dayton: April 15 is Tax Cut Day - 04/15/14

Dayton: Raising the Minimum Wage - 04/15/14

Dayton: First Minimum Wage Increase in a Decade - 04/14/14

Dayton: Tougher Anti-Bullying Law - 04/10/14

Broadside Collision in Mille Lacs County - 04/10/14

Isle Man Injured - 04/09/14

MN DNR: News#27 + Map - 04/10/14

MN DNR: Fire Restrictions Link - 04/10/14

Dayton: Every Kid in Minnesota Deserves a Safe School - 04/09/14

MN DNR: Vermillion River - 04/08/14

Dayton: Ravi's Story - 04/07/14

MN DNR: News #26 - 04/07/14

Grand Rapids Couple Arrested - 04/06/14

Morrison County Rollover - 04/06/14

Rollover on I-35 Exit - 04/05/14

Woman Injured in Crash - 04/04/14

MN DNR: I Can Camp! Program - 04/03/14

Nashwauk Woman Injured - 04/01/14

Broadside Collision in Morrison County - 03/31/14

Dayton: Unsession Update - 04/01/14

MN DNR: News #24 - 03/31/14

MN DNR: Young Naturalists - 03/31/14

Dayton: Putting People to Work - 03/31/14

MN DNR: Eagle Cam Happy Friday - 03/28/14

MN DNR: Think Zero - 03/28/14

MN DNR: Conservation Officer Promoted - 03/27/14

Head On Collision Near Hill City - 03/27/14

MN DNR: Eagle Cam Update - 03/26/14

GRPD: Students Threatened With Handgun - 03/24/14

MN DNR: Mille Lacs Walleye Regulations - 03/25/14

Broadside Collision in Kanabec County - 03/24/14

MN DNR: Eagles Migrating Back to Minnesota - 03/24/14

Dayton: $444 Million in Tax Relief - 03/24/14

Itasca Co. Sheriff: Skywarn Training - 03/20/14

Cass Lake Man Survives Train/Semi Crash - 03/23/14

Wind Blows Semi Trailer Into Car - 03/21/14

MN DNR: Hi Eagle Lovers! - 03/21/14

Dayton: Pass Tax Cuts Now - 03/19/14

MN DNR: Invasive Species - 03/20/14

MN DNR: News #21 - 03/20/14

2 Vehicle Accident North of Onamia - 03/19/14

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Eagles are still feeding on the deer kills along the highways and I am as sure as I can be this is an immature Golden Eagle. I have heard from folks with excellent credentials on both sides of the question of Golden or Bald Eagle? It's well over 3 feet high, and is bigger than most mature Bald Eagles that were near it. We think it's an immature Golden Eagle, but let us know if you think (or know)different. editor@woodsnews.com

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Finally it will be in the 60's so I guess the warmup is here. Hopefully it won't get too hot too quickly. Spring began March 20th, Summer begins June 21st.

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Don't forget the Veterans

Hope you enjoy the northwoods, but do not forget the ones who paid for our freedom, some of them with their lives. There are people in this world that want to take our freedom away. This goes all the way back to The American Revolution, which gave us our independence from British rule. It's where we got our freedom to begin with. Corporate America probably would like us better if they had more control. According to some folks we do not need to be diligent about protecting our freedom, but now as always it is crucial. We need to thank God (capital G) and those who have served and to those who are still serving. Don't ever take it for granted or you may lose it!

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Link to Local Radar Data Click the photo for local radar options. It's always storm season. The forecast, as always, has a chance of storms, some severe. Watch the sky - the weather can change fast. Be careful driving. This is Minnesota so as always, watch out and visit the National Weather Service for the Weather Outlook. Whatever the weather, this is still the best place in the world to live.


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I am Gary LaGrange. I grew up in Marcell and married Jan Newstrom, daughter of Curt and Jennie Newstrom. Paula Alden asked us to have the book reprinted for the 100th anniversary which we did. We have 483 copies of Curt's Marcell book remaining and wish to find persons who would love to have a copy. We are willing to sell them for our cost plus shipping. The price is $8 and $5 for USPS postage.
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