Editorial/Opinion Page-May 22, 2001

This is more of a question than it is an opinion, but I guess it's a question based on an opinion so it qualifies as an editorial. Why has stupidity become such a driving force in our society? A prime example of this is the $250 thousand dollar white elephants recently constructed along highway 38. I guess they call them "gateways", but I thought a gateway was something that either kept someone or something in or out or let them in or out. These things look nice but they do nothing, they serve no practical purpose and are a stupid waste of money. I was a tourist before I moved here, and some things have changed in twenty-five years, but I didn't move here to see "gateways" 25 years ago and I highly doubt anybody will come to see any now. They come to see lakes and trees and get away from the stupidity of the big city, but now we are getting just as stupid up here. How many people could have received help with medical bills or an education with $250,000? How many businesses could have been started for $250k? The list of better uses is endless. The thing I don't understand is why isn't there a public outcry about this kind of stupidity? Why have we as a society accepted misplaced priorities as normal? Why do we keep electing, appointing and tolerating dumb and dumber? Why does the public keep accepting the ridiculous as standard? I don't have an answer, I guess maybe I'm just to stupid to understand. I'm so dumb I still think people are more important than monuments. How could I be so stupid?