A Christmas Message - 12/29/2011

   I used to be a Democrat, the reason was I thought they were the party of the little guy. I thought if you wanted to make a change you became involved and I thought the only hope was to be involved in the grassroots democratic movement,- I was wrong. What I found was most of the Democratic Party was little more than Republican hating liars. That makes them worse than the Republicans, at least the Republicans say they're for big business and big corporations so you know where you stand. With the Democrats you think they're on your side until you find out otherwise. They make wild claims about all their fighting for our rights and freedoms all the while they are lying to us. I'm not going to say that all Democrats are evil. I'm sure there are some that are as foolish as I was and they are working honestly to make a change, and that makes me sad because it means people that think they are working with a grassroots movement for change are wasting their time.

   Now don't get me wrong, I have little in common with most Republicans, typically they have money and I don't. One thing we do seem to have in common is I have values, I know and care about the difference between right and wrong. I have my doubts the Democrats as a whole even care, as long as they get what they want. The Republicans may have money, but it takes money to make money and our society has defined success as having the money.

   So now it's Christmas time and the Democratic story is that the Republicans are trying to play politics and stop things such as the jobs bill, the payroll tax cut (etc. etc.) from happening. Their hope is more bills are going to pass that gives them more stuff    When and are they going to get it through their heads, the government has to stop spending more money to try and solve problems. The biggest problem that there is is that the government spends too much money. Now how can you stop a problem by making the problem worse? The Republican story appears to be one of personal responsibility, family values and a work ethic. They at least are honest about the fact that they support big money. I would guess that most employers are Republicans, and most employees are Democrats. I would like to know just how many Democrats are employers and how many Republicans are employers. The Democrats are always fighting for our "entitlements", the Republicans say you are only entitled to your time here on earth, how you spend it is your choice.

   So what's going to happen, will we have a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, does it even matter? It matters to me, because I am tired of being lied to. I don't know which one of the Republican candidates will be the nominee but anyone of them would be a vast improvement. 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House and Senate are people that hold our future in their hands. What will we get for Christmas?
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