The Man On The Mountain

Recently the three editors of Woodsnews, Me, Myself and I, ventured to the top of Mt Marcell to ask the wise man on the mountain the answers to some of the day’s more pressing questions. Our conversation follows.

Woodsnews: “Hello Mr. Wise Man, we have climbed to the top of this mountain to gain wisdom.”

Wise: “Obviously, if you already had it you would have known better.”

Woodsnews: “We are concerned about the current state of the world. There is a war going on in Iraq and people all over seem so divided about this and many other issues.”

Wise: “Everybody is entitled to their opinion.”

Woodsnews: “This is different, both sides of this issue are adamant that their view is the right one, and there is a lot of weight to both points of view. Tell us oh wise one just who is right.”

Wise: “Look, I’ve been up on this mountain and I don’t listen to the news, so I don’t even know what two points of view your talking about”

Woodsnews: “One side talks about how evil Saddam is, and it’s pretty hard to ignore the atrocities he and his regime perpetuate. They talk of similarities to Hitler and that if we don’t stop him now we never will be able to. They say the price of inaction far outweighs the price of action. They say he has had 12 years to change things, but hasn’t and that enough is enough.”

Wise: “Sounds logical, so what’s the other view”

Woodsnews: “They say that war is horrible, that more time should be given to Iraq to comply. They say a sure loss of life is worse than a possible loss of life. They say to attack Iraq will mean the loss of innocent life.”

Wise: “What do you think.”

Woodsnews: “I don’t know. Both sides have a point. War is never a good thing, and violence only breeds more violence. But how long can we allow a monster like this to go on doing the horrible things that he and his cohorts do? That’s why we have come to you for the answers.”

Wise: “How should I know, I sit on this mountain so I don’t have to deal with these things. Who told you to come up here and bug me anyway?”

Woodsnews: “Wait a minute, I thought you knew all the answers, after all you are the wise man on the mountain. Maybe your not so wise after all, you don’t have any answers.”

Wise: “No, I’m just a man. Some things are out of our hands”