Well, the politicians have been at it again, now most of us don't know where we are. Maybe the politicians want to be our equals and that is why they have changed all the district borders. Whether you know it or not, you may be in a different legislative district then you have been in the past. The State of Minnesota has re-districted both the State and Federal districts. The federal in this article includes Districts 7 and 8. District 8 is basically the eastern half of Minnesota, a few miles north of the cities. District 7 covers the western half. Rather than cover the entire state, I am only going to talk about our local areas, which consist of Senate Districts 5 and 6, including Districts 5A and 5B, 6A and 6B. These districts include part of St. Louis County, part of Itasca County, all of Cass County, part of Wadena County and part of Beltrami County.

District 6 includes most of the west side of St. Louis County, with a small portion in the south west that is in District 11. It also includes the east side of Itasca County, plus the Towns of Bigfork, Marcell and Effie and the Township of Stokes. It does not include some of the far northwestern townships of Itasca County. District 5 includes the west side of Itasca County(including Deer River), Cass County and the southeastern portion of Beltrami County.

If you need to find out who the candidates are for your district, or what district you live in, go to the State of Minnesota site.

The State of Minnesota has a website that lists all the districts, it is as follows:

Redistricting plan 2012


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