Itasca County Sheriff’s Office

440 1st Avenue NE

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Phone (218) 326-3477

Fax (218) 326-4663

Press Release

Contact: Sheriff Vic Williams

Phone: 218-326-3477


July 3, 2012


Itasca County Storm Damage,

On July 2, 2012, Itasca County experienced widespread damage due to a violent storm. There was an extreme amount of property damage and widespread power outages which included several of the municipalities along the highway 2 corridor. We are unable to identify the time frame for power restoration so we ask that people conserve water and other resources in preparation for a long term outage. Please stay clear of downed lines and suspended trees. Any public information should be directed to our, none emergency line 218-326-3477. We will follow-up with further information as it becomes available. Personal property is the responsibility of the individual owner, and any property damage should be documented for their local insurance agents.

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