Incident Number:  14321077  Incident Date/Time:  8/19/2014 3:09:00 Pm  
Msp District:  3200  Incident Contact:  Mn State Patrol District 3200 
Number Of Individuals:   3     
Number Of Vehicles:  2    
Location:  Hwy 11 And Cr 13  Road Type:  Black Top  
Milepost:  84  Road Condition:  Dry  
County:  Roseau  Number Of Lanes:  2  
Crash Type:  Head On  Divided/Undivided:  Undivided Roadway  
Incident Classification:  Fatal 
Assisting Agencies:
 Roseau County Sheriff Office   
 Roseau Police Department   

 Person 1:  Morin, Kimberly J , 25 , Of International Falls Mn ,  Driver Of Veh 1 , Phys. Cond. : Deceased  

 Person 2:  Crow, Christopher M , 31 , Of International Falls Mn ,  Passenger Of Veh 1 , Phys. Cond. : Deceased  

 Person 3:  Torkelson, David M , 27 , Of Stratton On ,  Driver Of Veh 2 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury  

Vehicle 1:
  1997   Ford Taurus   

Vehicle 2:
  1998   Semi Model Unknown   
Incidentdescription:  veh #1 traveling west bound; veh #2 traveling east bound on hwy 11 near county road 13 (milepost 84). Veh #1 pulled out into oncoming traffic and attempted to pass other west bound traffic. Veh #1 collided head on with veh #2. Both vehicles continued once making contact; east for a few hundred yards and coming to rest in south ditch of hwy 11. Due to veh #1 being a passanger car and veh #2 being a loaded flatbed semi truck veh #1 was located under the front half of veh #2. Upon the vehicles stopping in the ditch driver of veh #2 exited with no injuries. The driver and only passanger of veh #1 both died on scene. Vehicles started on fire resulting in both vehicles being fully engulfed with flames. Tow trucks arrived on scene for severe damage to both vehicles.  
Last Updated:  8/22/2014 5:00:21 PM  

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