Minnesota State Patrol District 2800
Incident Number:  14800525; Incident Date/Time:  4/9/2014 7:59:00 PM  
Number of Individuals:   1     
Number of Vehicles:  1    
Location:  Hwy 47;  Road Type:  Black Top  
Milepost:  88;  Road Condition:  Dry  
County:  Mille Lacs;  Number Of Lanes:  2  
Crash Type:  Animal;  Undivided Roadway  
Incident Classification:  Personal Injury   
A 2001 Suzuki Roadster Motorcycle, driven by Landon D. Gudim, 20, of Isle, Mn. was southbound on Mn 47, when the driver applied the brakes in an attempt to miss a collision with a deer, thereby laying the bike down on its left side and it slid for approximately 132 feet before coming to rest in the southbound lane. The driver then slid approximately 78 feet before coming to rest;  he was wearing  a helmet. He was taken to the Onamia Hospital and later air lifted to North Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  
Last Updated:  4/9/2014 10:58:40 PM  



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