Mn State Patrol District 2800
Incident Number:	14801315	Incident Date/Time:	10/5/2014 7:30:00 Pm

Number Of Individuals:	3		
Number Of Vehicles:	2	
Location:	Mnth 6/Bay Drive South;  Milepost:	32	
County:	 Crow Wing	
Road Type:     Black Top
Road Condition:	Dry
Number Of Lanes:     2;     Undivided Roadway
Crash Type:     Other	
Incident Classification:	Fatal	
Assisting Agencies:
Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office
 Person 1:	Schlagel, Jane M , 50 , of Blaine, Mn , Driver of Veh 1 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury
 Person 2:	Schlagel, Bradley T , 49 , of Blaine, Mn , Passenger of Veh 1 , Phys. Cond. : No Apparent Injury
 Person 3:	Buland, James W , 30 , of Elk River, Mn , Driver of Veh 2 , Phys. Cond. : Deceased
Vehicle 1:
2004   Chevy Silverado
Vehicle 2:
Veh. Yr Unknown   Honda Model Unknown Motorcycle
Incident description:	The Chevy Pickup was traveling southbound on MNTH 6 near Emily. The Honda Motorcycle was traveling northbound on MNTH 6, with no lights. The Pickup moved into the northbound lane to pass another vehicle and the motorcycle struck the passenger front and side of the Pickup. Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department, Cross Lake Police Dept., Emily First Responders, and Emily Fire Dept. assisted at the scene.
Information Believed Complete   
Last Updated:	10/6/2014 1:10:18 Am

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