Minnesotans Urged to Weigh-In With Big Ideas for Reform, Better Government


Governor Mark Dayton Gathering ‘Unsession’ Ideas Online, at Minnesota State Fair

This week marks the beginning of the Minnesota State Fair; and Governor Mark Dayton is asking Minnesotans for their ideas to make state government better, faster, and simpler. 

At more than a dozen state agency booths across the State Fair, fair-goers will be able to find more information about Governor Dayton’s ‘Unsession’ Agenda, and have an opportunity to provide their suggestions to the Governor. Suggestion boxes will be set up at each state agency booth, and Minnesotans will also be able to submit their Unsession ideas online over the next several weeks. The Governor is asking specifically for ideas for the upcoming 2014 Legislative Session. 

The Unsession, proposed by Governor Dayton, will focus on eliminating unnecessary or redundant laws, rules, and regulations, and getting rid of anything else that makes state government nearly impossible for people to understand. 

“My request of Minnesotans is simple: send me your Unsession suggestions,” said Governor Dayton. “Send big ideas that could revolutionize how state government operates, or commonsense changes that would eliminate headaches for Minnesotans. I invite every Minnesotan to join in building a better state government that better serves you.” 

The Dayton Administration is also asking state employees for their ideas. The Governor sent a personal email to the state’s more than 30,000 state employees this week, asking for their reform ideas and suggestions. Already, nearly 1,200 state employees have registered to participate, and over 300 Unsession suggestions have been collected from state employees in just the first four days.

Improving how state government works has been a hallmark of the Dayton Administration. State employees have already made important reforms that have saved Minnesotans time and money – including changing the way the state pays for health care, reducing expensive and time-consuming paperwork, and creating new online solutions for permit applications. Other examples of improvements achieved over the last several years include reducing the waiting times for vehicle registrations from 90 days to just 10 days, cutting environmental permit waits by over 40 percent, and making hunting and fishing licenses available on smartphones.  

[Star Tribune] Gov. Mark Dayton Asked All State Employees to Send Him Suggestions for Next Year's Proposed "Unsession."

"Send a big idea that could revolutionize how your department operates or a commonsense change that would eliminate a headache for the Minnesotans you serve," Dayton wrote in a letter sent this week.

The governor has long pitched the idea of an "unsession," which would get rid of unneeded laws, regulations and outdated flotsam and jetsam in state government. He said on Thursday that he got the name for it during his 1998 campaign for governor when 7-Up was pitching itself as the "Un-cola."

He plans to put that idea into practice in next year's legislative session, which starts in February. [Read More]

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Submit Your Unsession Suggestion 

If you have a good idea for how to make state government better, faster, or simpler, Governor Dayton wants to hear from you. Over the next three weeks, the Governor will be accepting suggestions online and at the Minnesota State Fair. Your idea might just be the next big reform measure that could save Minnesotans time and money. 

To submit your idea, visit any state agency booth at the Minnesota State Fair, or visit the Governor’s Unsession Suggestion website at www.mn.gov/governor/unsession.


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