[MSNBC] Minnesota Stands out as Progressive Leader in the Region


[Associated Press] Dayton: More Must Be Done To Keep Kids In School

Gov. Mark Dayton is challenging school leaders to find ways to lower Minnesota dropout rates, saying a diploma is essential to success in society.

Speaking Tuesday to a conference of superintendents, Dayton says he wants to focus on ways to keep students engaged through graduation. Minnesota recently set a goal of a 90 percent graduation rate by 2020.

Dayton also promised the school chiefs he would look next year to address state requirements that don’t come with adequate state funding. He highlighted a new teacher assessment program as one area where schools are being asked to shoulder a financial burden to meet a state objective. [Read More]


[KSTP] Minnesota Schools get a Big Boost Under Governor Dayton

After spending the last year focused on improving the financial stability of Minnesota public schools, Gov. Mark Dayton shifted the conversation Tuesday to boosting graduation rates and reading proficiency for younger learners.

"It is clear education is going to be the great divide between those who are successful and take advantage of all the opportunities in terms of employment, in terms of standard of living, in terms of what you can do all over the world now," Dayton said, "and those who don't are going to be consigned to less earnings and menial task and dead-end jobs." [Read More]

August 6, 2013  |  News Alerts

[Star Tribune] Minnesotans Need Lower Property Taxes

Two refund programs for lower-income renters and homeowners are also growing. The old property tax refund got a new name — the homestead credit refund — and a new lease on life with a 27 percent increase in average refunds and more homeowners eligible. The renters’ credit will provide refund checks 25 percent larger to 30,000 more tenants than received them last year, the administration projects. (To find out whether you qualify, visit the Revenue Department’s website.

The refund increases are particularly worth cheering. They will help keep low-income people in their homes and spark local economies by giving refund recipients more to spend. To the extent those programs help stabilize marginal neighborhoods, they reduce other public costs of poverty. [Read More]

[Almanac] Lt. Governor Discusses Clean Energy, Helping Seniors and Minnesotans with Disabilities


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