Watch This: Gov. Dayton: Minnesota is Doing Better – Much Better

Watch This » Gov. Dayton: Minnesota is Doing Better – Much Better


Governor Dayton joins Esme Murphy for a live interview discussing the 2014 legislative session. [Watch Here

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Dayton Touts Passage of 1,200 Government Streamlining Initiatives 

Star Tribune | May 27, 2014

Minnesota campers, anglers and taxpayers will see improved services under a massive government streamlining effort passed by legislators and signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Dayton celebrated the achievements Tuesday, calling passage of nearly 1,200 measures to eliminate antiquated laws and improve government services “a phenomenal success.”

“Things don’t get undone in government very readily,” the DFL governor said. “I think we are off to a very good start.”.

The governor’s team leading the initiative kept at it while other political battles flared overhead, unveiling more than 1,000 proposals and doggedly shepherding them through the committee process.  [Read More]

Dayton, Legislature Restore What’s Best About Minnesota

Winona Daily News | May 23, 2014

Let's review, if it's even possible in a small space, the accomplishments of the 2014 Minnesota Legislature - they're not only big, they're rich with nuance and compromise.

Minimum wage will rise incrementally, with breaks for small employers. The people who can't have guns any more are convicted abusers. Lawmakers crafted a stricter bullying law, expanded benefits and equality for women workers, and approved a $1.1 billion construction bill that will create all kinds of economic development opportunities across the state. They passed a package of tax cuts for middle-class residents, repealed a trio of onerous business-to-business taxes, streamlined operations across state government - including business permitting - and created a $20 million fund to start developing statewide access to high-speed internet. And that's just the big stuff.

We, like many in the state, worried about party overreach when the DFL-controlled House and Senate sat down in early 2013 and got to work with a DFL governor. Looks like we shouldn't have.

The legislature has spent the past two years rebuilding the state's policy and image to represent the best of what Minnesotan's have always prided themselves on - strong schools, a robust and diverse economy, valuing human equality, a progressive tax system that provides for investments in quality of live. Leadership like that deserves to be rewarded at the polls in November. [Read More]


Governor Dayton's Memorial Day Remarks

Office of Governor Dayton | May 26, 2014

Click here to read Governor Mark Dayton's remarks as prepared for delivery at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony. 

The Week in Pictures

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Live from the Minnesota State Capitol, through the lens of @GovMarkDayton’s photography team.


Governor Dayton has signed the Minnesota Jobs Bill that will complete critical repairs to the Minnesota State Capitol, making sure it is safe and secure for generations to come. #BetterMN

New State Law Makes it Easier for Veterans to Become Police Officers

Northland's News Center | May 26, 2014

A new Minnesota state law is making it easier for some veterans to become police officers. The bill passed after a continuing two year effort aimed at providing more good–paying jobs for veterans in Minnesota. The bill was signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton shortly after the legislative session wrapped up.

Prior to the law, the state of Minnesota required veterans to have five years of active duty experience in military law enforcement to qualify for a police officer reciprocity exam. The old state law was problematic for some veterans as typical military service length is four years.

The new law changes the requirements from five years of service in military law enforcement to four years, making state law more consistent with military commitments. [Read More]

Dayton Signs Bill Renaming Wabasha Bridge for Fallen Soldier

Rochester Post Bulletin | May 23, 2014

A nearly yearlong quest to rename the bridge over the Mississippi River at Wabasha in honor of a fallen Vietnam soldier has become a reality.

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill into law this week that officially renamed the Interstate Bridge the "Michael Duane Clickner Memorial Bridge." Clickner was the only Wabasha resident killed in the Vietnam War. His brother, Bill Clickner, said the family is thrilled that the bridge will bear his brother's name.

"We are ecstatic and humbled by the news," he said.

Michael Clickner grew up in Wabasha and graduated from Wabasha High School in 1967. He enlisted in the Army and completed special forces training. In 1969, he was sent to Vietnam and served in Company A, 3rd Battalion, 503rd Infantry. One month before his tour of duty in Vietnam was supposed to wrap up, Clickner was killed when a booby trap was triggered while trying to train in his replacement. He died on April 11, 1970. He was 21. [Read More

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