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Good afternoon, Eagle fans!

What an exciting week we have had in the eagle's nest!!  On Sunday the 23rd, we saw the first pip (small hole in the egg).  On Monday, the hole got a little bigger and we could see the chick moving around inside of the egg.  By early Tuesday morning there was a chick!!  Yesterday, as the parents were teaching the young one to accept food, we could see the second egg with a pip.  This morning, the second egg hatched!  With the cold weather, we have not gotten a good look at the second one, since mom and dad are keeping their little family very warm.  We are so grateful that they learned to become good parents. 

There is plenty of food in the nest.  Several fish and at least one pigeon.  Many people were concerned that one of the chicks had died, but that was just yesterday's lunch! The adult eagles have been bringing in several Minnesota species: rabbits, squirrels, catfish, pigeons, and ducks.  Feeding time for the little ones is very messy.  Their first couple of meals are very liquid-y, much like the lining of the egg that they first live from.  As the chicks get bigger, the parents incorporate more and larger pieces of meat from the carcass. Soon, as they watch and learn from their parents, they will begin picking their own meat off of the carcass. 

We are so glad that you are all enjoying our eagle cam and Facebook sites so much. We are so pleased that some of you have found it in your hearts (and wallets) to translate that into donations that will help ensure that we can continue to bring you stories and products you love. Just in the last few weeks we have been floored by the generosity of some new donors. Donations of $250 and $500 have been received at eagle cam central! With our matching dollars these two donors generosity translates into $1500.00 more dollars for wildlife in Minnesota!

Here are some examples of what this money might fund: 30 more months of eagle cam streaming video, approximately one whole week of rare wildlife surveys and monitoring initiatives contributing to the conservation of as diverse an array of species as: Loons, Salamanders, Bats, Butterflies, or even rare mice species! This money could mean more educational events, webcams, citizen science initiatives or just good old biologist availability to answer the hundreds of public questions our program receives per week! In our desperate funding times right now donations like this can mean the difference between services provided as usual and vast reductions in the nongame wildlife program. Thank you to those who have already been so generous and a challenge to those who haven’t taken the leap yet to help support the program that you (and we!) love!


 Now, we watch and wait for the third egg to hatch.  That is absolutely priceless!!  We will update again soon! 




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