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Hi Eagle Lovers!

Today's the big day!  It was thirty-five days ago today that the first of three eggs was laid. The average incubation time for American Bald Eagles is 35 days.  AVERAGE.  So, we are expecting hatch any time now.  We have not seen a pip (hole in the shell) or crack in any of the eggs.  There seems to be a bit of high energy in the nest today.  The female seems more agitated than usual, much like she was each time she laid an egg.  Her pupils are enlarged, suggesting heightened arousal. Does that mean she can hear chicks peeping in the eggs? Maybe. Does she feel movement in the eggs?  Maybe!  We certainly don't want to get overly confident about this clutch, but it would sure be nice if they did hatch this year, right?!! 

Other than some snow this week and some stick rearranging, the biggest news is the camera and feed.  Without going into a lot of technical details, suffice it to say, this is still a technical work in progress.  We are constantly working on the quality of the camera and feed, and like we said last week, please bear with us as we work out kinks in the process. 

We will be watching as much as possible over the weekend and will send out an update if we see a hatch.  Keep your fingers crossed everyone!  Have a great weekend and enjoy your eagle viewing.  Don't forget to visit our facebook page for more frequent updates and to make sure you are seeing these updates - make sure you "like" the page and spread the word to friends and family and even your classrooms.  Like, like, like us! :) And as always, if you can afford a donation, please consider a tax-deductible amount that would help us with projects such as this.  We still hope to purchase additional cameras for other nests and to maintain and upgrade this one.  We sincerely appreciate your support - please help keep us going! 

Thank you and have a great weekend! 

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