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Hi Eagles Lovers!! 


We hope that you are all enjoying the warmer weather that we have been having.  We know our beloved eagles are!!  You can almost see the relief and determination on their faces as they prepare for hatching. 

This week has been technically challenging for us here at eagle central.  We are constantly making tweaks and improvements for visual, speed and streaming quality.  While the system is still not perfect, we feel it is still far better than it was last year.  Please bear with us as we continue to resolve issues with the camera and video feed. 

With all of the snow now gone from the nest, mom and dad continue to bring grasses in and re-arrange the nesting materials and the eggs.  They constantly turn and rotate the eggs to keep them developing and viable.  We've been asked if we think the eggs will hatch this year?  It is impossible for us to predict.  All we know is what you know for sure.  The birds seem to be much more attentive and determined this year with their incubation behavior.  The nest is deeper and seems to be insulated much more than it was last year. 

As many of you know, the eggs did not hatch last year.  There were several factors in 2013:  they laid their eggs in the first week of January while it was very cold out.  The parents left the nest for periods of time that were probably far too long for the eggs to have been kept warm.  Particularly on one day in early February when both of them were gone for more than 20 minutes when the outside temperature was well below zero.  Unfortunately, the birds incubated for a very long time, until all three eggs eventually broke, empty. 

We are far more optimistic this year.  The first egg was laid on February 14th, more than a month later than last year and much closer to the typical Minnesota eagle nesting period.  The incubation period for American Bald Eagles is about thirty-five days.  Thirty-five days from February 14 is March 21.  We would expect to see the eggs hatch sometime between March 21st and March 25th.  We are all very excited about the possibility of three eaglets on camera this year!  We hope you are, too! 

Enjoy your weekend, check in on the nest and maybe the birds will decorate their home with some green for St. Patrick's Day!!  :)




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