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Hello Falcon Cam Watchers! 

This is a difficult update to give and I cannot believe I am having to be the bearer of bad news regarding eggs - again.  The peregrine's eggs are not going to hatch.  They should have hatched on or around May 22nd and by now, it is weeks past this time.  Unlike the eagle nest eggs that did not hatch, these eggs did not freeze.  It did not cold enough in this box for the eggs to have frozen.  We suspect that the new mate that Jill mated with was either infertile, or just not experienced enough to produce chicks.  Jill, the female, has been successfully raising chicks at this box for more than 10 years.  We witnessed the entire process on camera last year, and it is unfortunate that there will not be chicks this year. 

This unfortunate reality reminds us that our natural world is very unpredictable, fragile and vulnerable. Wildlife of all kinds encounter many obstacles throughout their lives. We can be very grateful that the peregrine population is still very vital in the Twin Cities and many pairs around the state are successfully raising chicks right now. 

Check our website for links to other peregrine boxes with cameras and chicks to watch.  We will likely turn the feed for this camera off soon.  It will be re-activated in January or February of next year.  Thank you so much for your interest in the peregrine cam and for your continued support of the Nongame Wildlife Program!  Remember to visit us on Facebook!  We will inform you of any additional cameras or on-camera activities.  Until then, have a great summer!

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