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MINNESOTA DNR NEWS #53                                                                               July 17, 2014
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DNR general permit may help expedite statewide flood repairs
10 new conservation officers join the DNR




DNR general permit may help expedite statewide flood repairs

Private landowners, agencies, and political subdivisions throughout the state impacted by flooding who want to repair damaged shorelines, bridges, culverts, roadways, structures, stream channels and other facilities to pre-flood condition may be eligible to quickly acquire the necessary DNR permit by applying online at the Minnesota permitting and reporting system (MPARS) website at www.mndnr.gov/mpars

When applying online through MPARS, the authorization may be obtained in just days. People without Internet access can obtain a paper permit application from a local DNR or county zoning office.

Before beginning repairs, people working at or below the high water level on lakes, wetlands, and streams need to apply for the permit,  pay a small fee (usually $100), and receive authorization. For repairs above the high water level, contact the local governmental unit to obtain permission.

In-kind replacement (i.e. same kind, size and dimension) may be authorized by this permit. Deviations from in-kind replacement can be authorized if specifically identified in the permit authorization.

Expedited authorization is not available for projects that seek approval for unauthorized construction already started or completed, channelize or realign a stream, take place in or impact a designated trout stream, enlarge a drainage ditch, block, divert or appropriate stream water, alter a water level control structure, convert a bridge crossing to a culvert crossing or excavate fill from public waters without consultation and approval of the DNR. 

To use MPARS:

  • Go to the MPARS website www.mndnr.gov/MPARS.
  • Click the “Open MPARS” button.
  • Create an account.
  • Complete the permit application.
  • Pay the fee online for permit.

For questions about the flood repair general permit, contact the county DNR hydrologist. Contact information is at http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/area_hydros.pdf.




DNR NEWS - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                             July 17, 2014

10 new conservation officers join the DNR

In a ceremony marking the culmination of 12 weeks of intensive training, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources welcomed 10 conservation officers to its ranks during a ceremony Tuesday, July 15, at Camp Ripley.

“When our recruits finish our academy, we know that they have received the best training available anywhere,” said Col. Ken Soring, DNR Enforcement chief. “We pride ourselves on selecting the best people available and giving them the best training in order to provide the highest quality service possible to the people of Minnesota who depend on us for natural resources protection.”

Training sessions at the academy included youth outreach/education programs, warrant requirements, emergency vehicle operation, self-defense, watercraft laws, recreational vehicle safety and regulations, game identification and enforcement, crime scene management and evidence collection.

Each graduating officer was chosen from among hundreds of applicants who underwent a rigorous written practical examination to qualify for the academy, as well as a division interview, pre-work screening (functional capacity exam), psychological profile and background check.
The new officers will now spend the next 16 weeks field training with experienced conservation officers to gain on-the-job training for natural resources management and law enforcement-related activities before receiving their initial field station.












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