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Hi Eagle Lovers!!


Welcome to the 2014 season of bald eagle nesting @ Minnesota DNR!  Minnesota DNR's Nongame eagle camera is now LIVE!!


We are all so excited about the eagle cam this year!  We are pretty sure it is the same pair of eagles that is back on the nest and laying eggs.  They laid their first egg on Valentine's Day at 3:00 and have laid at least one more since then.  Watch them here:  EAGLE CAM LIVE.


Only two eggs are easily seen, but we have suspicion that there might be three eggs there. Whether there are two or three, we are very happy that: 1) they waited a little longer to begin laying eggs and 2) The nest is much deeper than it was last year.  Remember how flat the nest looked last year?  When the birds were off of the nest, the eggs looked so exposed to the elements!  This year, the parents brought in much more nesting material that is soft and insular.  The nest is deep and they are taking care to keep the eggs very warm.  Hopefully, they learned from last year and won't let the eggs freeze. 


We have different camera equipment operations and live feed this year, in order to bring a more stable, constant image to view.  The camera itself has not changed, so there will still not be sound or infra-red for night-time viewing, but day time viewing should be very good!


Thank you to all who made generous donations to the Nongame Wildlife program last year!  Your donations are helping us fund this project as well as many other projects, benefiting Minnesota's Nongame Wildlife.  To see all Minnesota's Nongame projects, visit us online here.


We will update this page as needed, and every Friday for sure.  Welcome back, and lets all hope for a successful hatch for our pair this year!!  :)

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