The big brown building on the left is the former home of ASV Inc., a company that has done very well manufacturing Trak Trucks and The Positrack. While ASV probably would have succeeded wherever they were, they reaped the benefits of both low interest loans designated to help small communities who need jobs,and a local workforce desperate for work and willing to work long and hard to make the communty and their lives a little better. Unfortunately for Marcell ASV has since moved on to Grand Rapids and has not kept any type of manufacturing in Marcell as they reportedly promised they would. Some of the stockholders of ASV donated the old building to the Marcell Church next door, to be used as a community center. While this is indeed a benefit to the community,it doesn't replace the jobs that were lost when ASV moved and shut it's doors in Marcell. ASV has long since repayed the loan to the Township and some of the money is available for loans to other qualifying businesses, but for now Marcell is left with tourism as about the only industry. Tourism is a great industry, the only problem is it's very dependant on factors like weather and the economy.
From what information I have, I understand there were no written agreements requiring that ASV would stay in Marcell. It's unfortunate that the stockholders of a company as tremendously successful as ASV have apparently forgotten the company's roots.

The grey building is the Marcell Community Church,a relatively new building.