The Changing Face of Marcell

Now that the Bigfork Streetscape is completed and the first 6 miles of 38 near Grand Rapids is in the process of reconstruction, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is planning a Streetscape for Marcell. There is a local highway 38 leadership board that meets regularly, but they shy away from including those of us who may not share their visions of scenic beauty. Some of us feel mother nature is better at designing it. At any rate,there will be major changes from what you now see in Marcell. But, over the years Marcell has already changed considerably. The following tour of Marcell starts on the south end and heads north. On the right we see Richie's Marcell Inn. Richie's built a motel, reopened the restaurant and remodeled the bar. The outside and inside would be unrecognized by someone who hadn't been here for a few years