So Now Christmas - 12/21/2011

So now Christmas is coming and I suppose as editor of woodsnews I am supposed to write some kind of a pointed editorial about Christmas. What is Christmas anyway? It's the time the merchants love, most people go way into debt buying things for people that people don't need and in a lot of cases don't want. It's good for the song and movie writers, the choir and program directors and for everybody that likes to make a public appearance to show how Christmas like they are. There's a moral to the story in every movie, whether it's miracle on 34th St. or Scrooge, but does anybody ever pay attention to any of them?

It's supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Who was Jesus Christ you might ask? Does that mean you don't know? Do you call yourself a Christian, do you even believe in Jesus Christ? Does it really even matter as long as you get gifts, or get to give the gifts you want to the people you want to give them to? If you are not a Christian and you don't believe in Jesus Christ at least you are honest, you might be stupid or blind (in my opinion you just don't get it) but you are honest. A lot of people claim they are Christian and that they believe in Jesus Christ but they really don't have a clue what that means.

Now it is Christmas time, so if they don't have the Christmas spirit somebody, some movie or some song will get them in the Christmas spirit at the last minute. They may even start believing in Santa Claus or angels. What's going to happen on December 26? Christmas is over, now New Years is coming up, a time for rebirth, a time to start over and do it all again for another 300 and some days. Then it's Christmas time again, so they get into the Christmas spirit and do it all over again.

What about day-to-day life? How do they treat their neighbors, how do they treat their acquaintances, do they perceive they have enemies? How do they treat their enemies? According to scholars the first Christmas was not on December 25, depending on who you talk to, it was July or September but it really doesn't matter. If you celebrate Christmas for what it really means, and practice the "spirit of Christmas" all the time the date doesn't matter.

So did I do my job as editor, did I come up with something that makes you think? Or is it just ramblings about Christmas that you will either ignore or forget about in daily life? God gave us two great gifts, one of them was his son to die for us and save our soul. The second gift was the ability to choose and the right to do so. It doesn't matter what anyone else does, we still have free choice and our lifetime to make those choices. What you do and what you choose is up to you.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours from us at woodsnews.



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