You need to be aware there may be a type of fraud that would affect you on PayPal if you are a vendor. The way it works is this, a customer contacts you by e-mail looking for a quote, you give them a quote and they accept it. They then tell you they have a PayPal account that they have placed the money in to make the purchase from you and the money will be released to you when they verifiy that they have received shipment. You would then receive an official looking e-mail that looks like it came from PayPal, it states the customer has made a payment to you, the e-mail does not come from PayPal it comes from the perpetrators of the fraud. It states that PayPal has received money from the customer and that they will release it to you once the customer has verified receipt of shipment. Had you bought into the scheme and shipped the product to them, you probably would not see a dime, or hear from anybody again

I contacted PayPal and they say they are aware and investigating this scam. I do not know if this scam extends to the buyer as well or not. They may also be getting scammed, as there is a shipment made to a physical address. I do not know if they have actually given PayPal any money or not. As always you need to be aware any time you give your credit card number to anyone. There are all sorts of fraudulent scams on the Internet, this is only one.

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