Not the First Couple

Fantasy Presidential Race

You may have heard of Fantasy Football, but what about a Fantasy Presidential Race? There's a lot of stuff involved, for one the President's Cabinet:

The Candidate - TBA
Vice President - TBA - Republican
Secretary of State - TBA - Democrat
Attorney General - Hammerhead - Independent
Surgeon General - TBA - TBA

Another is the Candidate. The Candidate has lost three Elections for Itasca County Commissioner. If the lyrics in the song "Dream On" by the band Aerosmith are right, "you've got to lose to know how to win," he is definitely a winner. He also likes "Simple Man",Freebird, Johnny Cash I Walk The Line and most Classic Rock(some). If you care about views there are lots of issues such as seniors, healthcare, the economy, the infrastructure, etc.

There is already a pipeline that goes through an existing pipeline corridor that could be utilized. A refinery could bring a lot of jobs to the area. The possibilities are endless and this is only a small area.

I have seen the movie Dave.It's a fantasy so what.

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