Enough - 08/04/2011

   We have a president who should have been a leader but he's not. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though I was not for him, but he has since proven he is a complete idiot, especially when it comes to what is good for the people of this country. I doubt if his stupidity carries through to things that benefit him. I thought George W. Bush was stupid until I saw this guy (Obama). At least Bush appeared to keep us safe and secure, he was handed a country under attack. At least he fought back. Obama, however, gives stupid a new definition but I wouldn't be surprised if the voters of this country re-elect him as president one more time. Any one of (supposedly) our governments, either state or federal, that failed to do their job, are the only ones to blame, as usual. They like to play the blame game, but I blame only the politicians of both parties and the President for the credit downgrade. The Tea Party only came into being recently because people were fed up with the crap, and they did nothing to cause the problems that already existed. All of the officials will be fine, the only ones that will be hurt are the ones who don't already have enough money so they don't need it. It's easy to stand your ground when you are standing on someone else's feet rather than your own. Talk's cheap, if you are living on someone else's dime, or if you have an unlimited supply of your own dimes.

    I also have had enough of politicians, CEOs and the so-called economic experts. The country is going bankrupt, corporations are supposedly losing money, yet all the politicians and CEOs are getting rich. The general population is the only one who gets screwed. I wish there was something I could do about it (nonviolently of course). Everybody keeps talking about making changes in the rules for elections so candidates can no longer spend a fortune to get elected. The same people who call for reform also only vote for the person who spends the most money.

   Why, why, why are all of us (especially you, if the shoe fits) so stupid that we keep electing the same types of people. Why do we keep the same ignorant CEOs in power making lots of money? Is it because they already are in a position to get paid big bucks? Some actually get rewarded when they fail. How many jobs have you been fired from and then you received a bonus or a huge severance package? If we are stupid enough to tolerate, even encourage their ignorance, I guess we can't blame them for taking money that is handed to them.

   Unfortunately, what I think doesn't matter, I am only one and if you really think that what you think matters - you are mistaken. Unless of course you happen to be a rich person and then it matters what you think because everybody wants some of your money and those who don't have any money are stupid enough to think they're going to get some of yours if they are good to you, especially the politicians. The problem is, sometimes they are right and politicians trade the power we gave them for cash.

   One thing I do know for sure; someday we will all have to answer to God and I would love to hear the explanations some people will have for their selfish self-serving behavior. Luckily for them I'm not the one who will judge them in the end. Although none of us are perfect, most decent people at least try to make the world a better place.

    The weather has been weird, there have been earthquakes, tornadoes and floods - all of which are forecast close to the end of our days on this earth. I wish those of us who actually do care about others could prosper, rather than the CEOs and politicians who obviously don't care. If they cared at all any one of them could make a permanent and positive difference instead they spend their time and effort making themselves look good; the politicians to the voters, the CEOs to their Boards of Directors. Truly good politicians or corporate officials are very rare.

   I used to tell people, "Make sure you vote". But now all the jokes that say "I don't vote, it only encourages them”, makes a lot more sense than voting. I have to wonder if any elections are actually fair and honest. I find it very hard to believe the general population is that stupid. While I know my rants probably fall on deaf ears, at least I feel better. So if you vote as usual, or if you promote a corporation based on how they "appear" to be, remember, "birds of a feather flock together."
 A commentary by bob@woodsnews.com