An editorial opinion:

   It's time for Obama to go or change.

   Our President is President whether you like Obama or hate Obama. My personal choice is irrelevant. We have mid-term elections to consider and being Democrat or Republican makes a difference in who to vote for. Maybe you are fed up with the two party system.

   Listen closely (because they lie) to what the candidates actually say and take them seriously. Don't listen to all the political action committees (PACS) or the parties because they will capitalize on you being fed up. Use care if you vote for someone other than the candidates represented by the two party system you may be inadvertently helping one party or the other. It's different if a third candidate actually has a chance of winning, by all means, vote for them.

   There are a lot of evil things happening in this world, isis, isil (whatever they call themselves}, ebola and the general attitude of people. We would be foolish if we ignore Obama, we would be paranoid if we thought only about "the end". We are still America, and like elsewhere we have both good and bad. My particular race was only 6% of my high school. Italians were 17%, Hispanics 27%, and Blacks 49%. I was a male non-military Protestant, that makes me a WASP-Irish minority. I didn't learn how to capitalize on being a minority, maybe that's why I'm poor - which now makes me part of a majority.

   As Americans, the world looks to us to solve its problems and we can become an economic leader again (I hope). It will take an effort from all of us and we can neither panic about nor dismiss the world's problems.

   Every generation watches the current become the past and longs for "the good old days", until now I didn't think I would.

   One of the things that appear to be severely lacking from our world is faith in God and His abilities. I think we need to include Him and those who really do believe in Him in our daily lives. Don't wait until it's too late.


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