Today I wanted to watch the news, and my wife asked me a very good question "why do you watch the news, it's only depressing". Well the reason I watch the news is so I can see there are people who see things like I do. I can know there are others who see the mess this world has become. I can know there are others who think we need change, there are others who know there are things that can be done and it's not hopeless.

Our economy is a mess, our infrastructure is a mess, our schools are a mess and we have lost our status as a world leader. Yes the news is depressing, mainly because depressing news gets higher ratings than good news. The powers that be in this world think they know better than the rest of us. People have lost the ability to take a good look at what is going on, they have lost the ability to lay the blame where it really goes.

I used to be a Democrat, I went to meetings I even became precinct chair and I believed real change was going to happen from the ground up. What I learned is there is a central committee in charge that sets the rules for the whole party and that there is no such thing as "grassroots". I used to hate the Republicans because I believed the hype that the Democratic Party wanted me to not only believe but to perpetuate. As precinct chair I received phone calls from party activists coaching me on what lies to tell to defeat the Republicans.

I still don't see the Republican Party as a bunch of saints but I no longer see them as the sinners that I was supposed to. I now see them as our best chance for change and responsibility. The time is now and now is the time. Time is running short for our country and for the people who actually do care. We need to improve the economy, we need to save Medicare and Social Security, we need to improve our status in the world. President Obama and the Democrats have failed us miserably and they need to go. The blue dog Democrats will continue to vote for Democrats no matter what. All they really need to do is take a good luck at what has been happening and who has been getting the blame Bush and the Republicans. Apparently they think if they criticize instead of helping, that makes doing nothing okay.

Obama and the Democratic Congress he controlled failed. How can you believe he is going to do more for us if he is reelected, how can you believe a word he says? He has lied to us repeatedly and the liberal-based news media never calls him on it. They continue to criticize everything the Republicans say or do, blaming all of them for the ignorance of any one of them.

So yes the news is depressing, but more and more people are getting fed up with Obama, his group of Chicago crooks and his czars. Hopefully we will soon be rid of him and them.

An editorial

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