It's unbelievable the way we are treated abroad, unless you stop and think about it. The fact that we tolerate fanatics killing Americans is the unbelievable part. At this point in time, we still have the ability to turn all those who harm us to dust, whether or not we send a clear message that we will when it happens again, is the question. Let's assume you are reading this before the election, or just after it. So now what? What's going to happen to us (U.S.) now? Will our economy grow or will it continue to fall? Do you care?

    Are we still going to be divided and blame the other guy or are we going to accept responsibility for ourselves? It doesn't matter who's President if we still think it does in order for us to be okay. God will decide who is going to be President and He will decide whether or not there is a President who brings us closer to God as a people. We will make the decision for ourselves if we go closer to God or farther away from Him. It doesn't matter who's President.

    What we do as a society depends a lot on "We the People". Whether we are good citizens that are liked worldwide or we are ugly Americans that are hated worldwide all depends on us. The way we treat each other is our choice and decision to make. We can blame a party or an individual President but it is still up to us how we are going to live and in whom we are going to believe. You either believe in God and Jesus Christ or you don't. If you don't, you probably live accordingly and you have my sympathy.

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