An editorial opinion:

   50 years ago we had heroes that were well known, they were heroes because of what they had done and because of the principals they stood for. Sometimes what they stood for was popular and an obvious choice. Sometimes what they stood for was very unpopular and required conviction and courage.

   The heroes of today are usually young people that have overcome something overwhelming like a disease or a known evil, like a group whose actions are indefensible. The heroes of today are not somebody that the average person can look up to or want to be like. (Except for the military heroes.)

   President John F. Kennedy was assassinated fifty years ago, he was a hero to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. When he died a lot of what he stood for died with him. Being an American meant one thing.

   Are you an American and if so, what kind of an American are you? Are you the Ugly American that is so hated around the world, are you the Proud American that knows how lucky we are to be Americans?

   Being the President of the United States had one meaning when JFK was president, what meaning does it have now? If you had a legacy that future generations might look up to with pride, would you rather have the Legacy of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or the Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama?

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