The Bigfork Hospital

Editorial 06/13/12
Apparently they are done building, so the hospital can be as usual. What's normal? Is the way this hospital operates the norm? According to Minnesota statute's 447.31 - 37 the hospital district has specific rules. All employment is supposed to be done through the board. To me that would mean that the Board of Directors would set policies for employment and no one else.

Did the board of directors make all the decisions on the new addition? Does the Board of Directors make the employment policies for the hospital? It is a hospital district and if you are in the hospital district there is an increase in your taxes and it goes to the hospital. The Board of Directors is supposed to represent the public. Do they represent you and me, the residents of the district or do they see it as one more feather in their bonnet?

I would like to know how and why so many of the contractors that built the building, as well as a lot of the employees of the facility reside outside of the hospital district. I would also like to know what benefits, such as reduced prices the residents of the district receive. Do we have any of the benefits the state legislature had in mind when they created a hospital district? If not, why? What do the taxpayers get for their tax dollars?

The hospital and nursing home are major local employers in an environment with lots of retirees and a labor pool desperate for jobs. Does having a fancy building save lives? Does it put food on the tables of district residents?

They have proven with the clinic fiascos they have plans for the Bigfork area and beyond. They or their foundation reportedly have purchased a building formerly known as the Triple J Restaurant. There are rumors that they have purchased the old Freeberg farm for a manufacturing plant.

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