Editorial/Opinion Page-December 25,2000

Anybody ever wonder just why the Grinch stole Christmas? Lets see, we have x number of versions of this theme that I can think of. Miracle on 34th St. with the evil store owner. It's a Wonderful Life with the guy who basically has had it. And then there are the countless versions of Scrooge. Then there's the Grinch. This guy doesn't just hate Christmas, he goes on the offensive. What do they have in common? Christmas in one form or another prevails. Everybody involved has a merry Christmas and their lives are perfect from that moment on. There are no more homeless people. There is no more war. There is no more hatred between the different races or cultures. Everybody is smiling and happy. A typical "Hollywood" ending that everybody feels good about. Sort of a break or a "reset" for every problem and conflict. So why would anybody want to steal away all those good feelings that everybody has? I don't know about the Grinch and I don't know about You, but I always thought you felt good about yourself if you live your life in a manner that coincides with your own true beliefs, not because you contribute to one day while forgetting about the other 364. Merry Christmas.