Editorial/Opinion Page-December 18,2000

Well it's over, at least I think it is. We still have the Electoral College. I asked myself why, even after Al Gore's speech, am I still a little skeptical? The speech was excellent and it didn't seem the least bit phony, so why do I have doubts? One word, one answer - Clinton. One of the things I noticed in the speech was not a single reference to Clinton. Gore was thanking America for the chance to serve but he offered no thanks to Clinton. I don't blame him, Clinton is probably the reason Gore is not the President. I wonder if the DFL itself is smart enough to realize how much damage Clinton has done to their party? Not so much by his actions, but by the way they blindly defended him when anybody with a brain could see he was lying. One thing Al Gore said in his speech that Democrats better listen to - Country before Party.