Editorial/Opinion Page-December 10,2000

Here we are again, we still don't know who the President is, and many of us don't really care anymore, we just want it over. I have been accused lately of "leaning to the right" on this site. I've been told even the pictures have a subconscious right tilt. (The first part may be true but not the second. If you saw me stumble around taking them you'd wonder why they weren't upside down.) Well, if you are standing with the left leg on one footing and the right leg on another and one of those footings or platforms starts to sink into the muck, you either lean the other way or you fall into the muck. I ask myself why would I, a former DFL'er feel the need to lean to the right? One answer is Bill Clinton. The second is all the people who tirelessly defended everything he did, without any visible evidence of a concern about what's right or what's wrong. Apparently they are falling into the muck again with Al Gore. Bill Clinton did what he did and his defenders said "It's just about sex, so what?" Well it wasn't just about sex. Instead it was about a President of The United States putting his own selfish interests ahead of the interests of the Country. It was about lying and abuse of power. It was about stopping at nothing to win. I think we have the same thing now in Florida, and the same people are wading in the same muck. Keep saying something is true long enough and people either start believing it or get sick of hearing about it and don't care. So if I lean to the right its because I see absolutely no "solid" ground on the left. When the DFL gets back on a solid footing I'll put my weight back on my left leg, but for now I stand just to the right of center.