Editorial/Opinion Page December 1,2000

Well we still don't know who the President is, but I stand by my original prediction that it will be Gore. The current administration will do every thing it can to see to it, and if you take the time to think about such things as indictments and pardons you see why. I used to call myself a Democrat, but I think I looked too much like a Republican, so I no longer consider myself a Democrat. I'm not a Republican either, but I think I would have to side with them on this battle that continues for the White House. The thing that bugs me most about the Dem's is the way they don't really care about honesty, all they care about is "The Party" and defending even the most absurd lies as well as the liars with "spin". But I guess you really can't expect much from a group of people who will justify the killing of what might be a new person, for the supposed sake of a women's right to choose. Nobody knows conclusively when life begins, and I have my doubts about anybody that would say its ok to kill what might be another Human Being for their own personal agenda. It's wrong even if there's a slight chance that the Pro Lifers are right. Besides, a woman already has the right to choose- not to spread her legs in the first place unless she's sure she either won't get pregnant or will take responsibility for her own actions if she does. Let a man try to "abort" the responsibility he had in a pregnancy, and the same people scream like hell about parental responsibility. What does the abortion issue have to with it? For some reason the democrats are terrified of a Republican White House, could this be why? Are they so terrified The Supreme Court will reverse Roe Vs. Wade that they will stop at nothing, including manufacturing votes for what they see as their only hope- Al Gore.The Republicans on the other hand apparently aren't smart enough to figure out that the Democrats are playing only to win, and really don't care about Honor or Truth. They have good lawyers and are experts at manipulating all the special interest and single issue groups. Unless they either quit playing the game or play as rough and as dirty as the Democrats do, they are going to lose. Don't get me wrong I don't see the Republicans as much more than the lesser of two evils, but they seem to at least know what honesty is and are nowhere near are corrupt as the Democrats. Either way I think we the people have already lost. Sorry to be such a pessimist but I'm fed up with the crap and the lack of any real choices. I voted for Bush, but to be honest it had a lot to do with my dislike and distrust of Clinton and Crew. There's nothing I would have trouble believing they are doing or have done. Nothing that is except the real "Right Thing To Do".