Editorial/Opinion Page-August 2000

Here we are at the end of an economic boom. You may ask what credentials I have that makes me qualified to be an economist, and the answer is I don't. The thing is the economists don't have a clue either. The advantage I have is I'm still dumb enough to add 2 and 2 and get 4. We hear all about how great things are, how big the surplus is and how much better off everybody is now. If things are so great why are there still so many homeless, still so many people who can't afford healthcare and still so many people who can't find a decent job? The most common answer I hear pretty well blames the individuals themselves for not being personally responsible, and in some cases that's true, the people are just plain lazy. In other cases that's B.S. (notice I used a capital B and a capital S). There is an increasing gap in this country between the haves and the have nots. Right now while the economy is good for the already well off, you hear a lot of rhetoric about how much everybody is going to do make this a better world to live in, but so far I don't see a hell of a lot actually being done. The sad thing is things are already starting to get a little tight, and that means the haves are gonna stop even talking about improving things and start talking about too much money being spent and let's cut spending. With the so called boom we are now in there is absolutely no excuse for any American to be homeless, jobless or without basic healthcare and education available to them. It's no wonder Americans are disliked in a lot of countries, the average American has become a spoiled rotten brat. There are a lot of people in this country who have been denied the basic necessities of anything that even remotely resembles a life, let alone a quality one. There are too many others in this country who live like Royalty and just can't seem to have enough.