Editorial/Opinion Page-July 2000

Human Nature is a funny thing, well actually I'm not sure it's really all that funny. Why will otherwise intelligent people throw away something they already have for something they think they are getting for nothing? The amount of hype in or society today has reached a level that amazes even a cynic like me. The cheap, flashy and overrated junk that only lasts an instant is rapidly replacing the things in our world that have true value. We ask our government for things that look good, but we never ask them for truth. We expect comfort and safety without any regard for the cost to future generations. In the last thirty years I've learned a lot, and it seems the more I learn the less I know. One thing I know for sure- nothing, and I mean nothing is free. Be careful when you take something offered to you, cause it may cost you dearly. Whether it's a free lunch or a free streetscape-it aint free.