Editorial/Opinion Page-01/01/2002

Happy New Year!

2001 is gone and I won't miss it. The economy went sour, the stock market fell, thousands of people lost their lives in a terrorist attack and we are at war. Now that it's 2002 all that changes, a New Year and a fresh start. The economy is great and I'm suddenly rich, no more innocent people will suffer because terrorism no longer exists and the war is over. Problems that may have existed prior to September 11, 2002 have also vanished with the New Year. There are no more hungry or homeless people because the well to do Americans have learned they don't need more money and possessions than they can use. There is no more despair or loneliness, all illnesses have been cured. All insurance companies have vanished with the rest of the terrorists who manipulated people with fear. We have all the good points of all religions with none of the sacrifices, for example my harem full of supermodels is rushing to greet me right now--beep--beep--beep--beep--beep-. Damn alarm always ruins it.