What is a "fiscal cliff"? Everybody says we are heading for it but nobody really gets it. The Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats, Obama blames both of them. Nobody understands the problem is them, and you and I are the ones who will pay for it. Politicians will not stop spending our money. Eventually they will have to get it because we won't have any more money to spend. It's sad that politicians are so stupid that they can't understand a very simple concept. There isn't anymore, "stupid". They don't have any money unless we give it to them.

   Fortunately for us there is a God who has a plan for us, even though the failure of this world and its leaders may be a big part of the plan. If you put your faith in politicians instead of in God you are going to be very disappointed. The world doesn't have to be this way, but it is and we only have the ability to change the way “we” do things. Obviously our politicians are going to fail as they have always done. Once you start going over a cliff you don't stop until you hit bottom. Obama doesn't get it, the other politicians don't get it and neither one of them are going to change the way they are doing things until they have to.


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