CNN Bias

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Editor's Note:

An editorial opinion

Now that tht the 2012 election is near, that's all the media talks about. In observing the news networks during the 2000 Election conflict, I decided that CNN is biased and unfair in their reporting. I don't think they have changed a lot. Sometimea they present both sides, but they seem to present the Democratic side in the best possible light, apparently highlighting and supporting their positions.

    Then they seem to me to give only "sound bytes" of the Republican position, if at all, missing most of the important points. If I hadn't heard the other side, I'd end up agreeing with what is apparently the Democrats position myself. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, but the apparent unfairness of pro Democrat reporting has prompted me to comment on their link from this site. The worst part is most all of the media has apparently adopted the same policies. I don't know if the rest of America is tired of the DFL's apparent dirty tricks, but I am. While the other news organizations may show a preference to one side or the other, at least they appear to be honest about it. I haven't seen the blatant slanting of the facts like I have on CNN.

    I did, however, notice a little more honesty during the 2008 Republican National Convention, and they at least shut up during the National Anthem, which showed to me they had more respect. The other news channels I checked talked through the National Anthem and I thought that was tacky. The 2012 Elections are here so lets see what happens.


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