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Golden Eagle
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Eagles are still feeding on the deer kills along the highways and I am as sure as I can be this is an immature Golden Eagle. I have heard from folks with excellent credentials on both sides of the question of Golden or Bald Eagle? It's well over 3 feet high, and is bigger than most mature Bald Eagles that were near it. We think it's an immature Golden Eagle, but let us know if you think (or know)different. editor@woodsnews.com


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A familiar Marcell sight for many years

Is Valley Forest Gone?

  Valley Forest restarted at least once. They began making pellets again on Nov.30th 2009. I apparently took this picture on a day the plant was running. They were running occasionally but I haven't seen or heard of any activity for a long time.   According to the person I was told to contact then, Tink, "We're starting with a crew of around 18 and we will increase the size of the crew in the future." They would have manufactured wood pellets but they have been shut down for quite awhile.
   They would have been a major Marcell employer at a time when employment or employers are sorely needed.
  The pellet plant is located on the site of the Aspen Fibre Plant in Marcell. They apparently had done extensive rebuilding since the days of the Marcell Mill, who originally built the pellet plant. Too bad for Marcell, but we no longer have the crane or the sawmill or A.S.V.

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Marcell Township Board Minutes

What will this weather
cost us?

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    What kind of a winter will we get this year? The weather's been weird ever since the earthquake in Chile. It supposedly knocked the earth off of it's axis by a fraction of a second. Does anybody know?

    Fall was here and winter is on its way, you can feel it. The leaves have mostly gone, the days and nights are cooler. Daylight Saving Time ended on November 7th. The fall equinox occurred on September 22 at 10:09 pm (Minneapolis,Mn.) The winter solstice occurs exactly when the Earth's axial tilt is farthest away from the sun on December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Check out the Weather Service's new "Quick Forecast". If you like it, it is accessible from our menu under "Weather". With the beautiful summer days and nights it was a great summer and a great fall. The forecast, as always this time of year, calls for a chance of showers - or - snow. Hopefully any snow we get will not amount to much or winter too severe. Watch the sky, especially if you're in a boat, the weather can change fast. This is Minnesota so as always, watch out and visit the National Weather Service for the Weather Outlook.

  Hope you enjoyed the summer and fall, but do not forget the ones who paid for our freedom, some of them with their lives. There are people in this world that want to take our freedom away. This goes all the way back to The American Revolution, which gave us our independence from British rule. It's where we got our freedom to begin with. Corporate America probably would like us better if they had more control. According to some folks we do not need to be diligent about protecting our freedom, but now as always it is crucial. We need to thank God (capital G) and those who have served and to those who are still serving. Don't ever take it for granted or you may lose it!

New Provider at Clinic In Marcell

Bigfork Valley Hospital Expands

This appears to be the path of the new road

Click for more photos and a press release about the Bigfork Valley Hospital's expansion plans. They are a major local employer with lots of plans for the Bigfork area. They have started construction on the roads and the new twin homes. They or their foundation reportedly have purchased a building formerly known as the Triple J Restaurant. There are rumors that they have purchased the old Freeberg farm for a manufacturing plant.

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The Forecast

This is from the book cover. Click for a larger view.
Memories of a Small Town
by Curt Newstrom


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Memories of a Small Town
by Curt Newstrom

I am Gary LaGrange. I grew up in Marcell and married Jan Newstrom, daughter of Curt and Jennie Newstrom. Paula Alden asked us to have the book reprinted for the 100th anniversary which we did. We have 483 copies of Curt's Marcell book remaining and wish to find persons who would love to have a copy. We are willing to sell them for our cost plus shipping. The price is $8 and $5 for USPS postage.
Thank you.

   Gary L. LaGrange
   4816 Lakewood Ridge
   Manhattan, Kansas 66503