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  He is called a "Lobo". This lone wolf was probably the pack leader, having been challenged by a younger or stronger male. The female chooses the winner. Ostracized by the rest of the pack, he's been seen quite a bit lately near Marcell. He looks healthy and does not seem too concerned about people or cars. He just seems to mind his own business. Still a wolf, he will have to avoid the pack and their territory, and survive.

Fall Colors
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Saint Patrick's Day

The Emerald Isle - from space Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. Check hereand follow the links, if you care enough about Ireland to learn all about it. Drive carefully if you are visiting friends or family or just driving around. Check the National Weather Service website and click on their Hazardous Weather link for an update on current weather conditions.

The Sun Finally Moves North

The sun has started its northward journey.

The sun now sets in the southwest instead of nearly due south. The temperatures are on the increase. Hopefully, it doesn't mean we will get dumped on with a ton of snow. It is still cold.  

New From Old

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  The old Marcell Ranger Station is being remodeled into a new Interpretative Center. It will contain a gift shop and Chippewa National Forest information and displays. They are now located temporarily in the Marcell Family Center.

Now Open In Marcell

The   Pine Cone

The Pine Cone is now open serving soups, sandwiches, and desserts in a cozy atmosphere.
Winter hours are: 8:30am - 3:00pm
7 days a week.
Summer hours starting in April will be:
7:30am - 4:30pm.


Eagle Wallpaper          Looking North
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The Forecast

New Clinic In Marcell
'Twas The Week Before Christmas
Roe vs. Wade Revisited
Definition of Time

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Northern MN. Events

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Memories of a Small Town
by Curt Newstrom

The Date of Easter



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Golden or Bald?
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Eagles are feeding on the deer kills along the highways. Is this a Golden Eagle or a Bald Eagle? It's probably over 3 feet high, and is bigger than some mature Bald Eagles that were near it. We think it's an immature Golden Eagle, but let us know what you think (or know). editor@woodsnews.com


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Memories of a Small Town
by Curt Newstrom

I am Gary LaGrange. I grew up in Marcell and married Jan Newstrom, daughter of Curt and Jennie Newstrom. Paula Alden asked us to have the book reprinted for the 100th anniversary which we did. We have 483 copies of Curt's Marcell book remaining and wish to find persons who would love to have a copy. We are willing to sell them for our cost plus shipping. The price is $8 and $5 for USPS postage.
Thank you.

   Gary L. LaGrange
   4816 Lakewood Ridge
   Manhattan, Kansas 66503